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It lets people know that they are valued, that they matter. I have found that this skill rewards me with something money cannot buy.

I have been sought after because of my attentiveness. I have been given hugs, and I have been given countless words of gratitude. Busyness and heavy workloads will always be part of the job. She is interested in working with older adults upon earning her MSW this spring. I like the way you described its benefits for the listener as well as for the speaker, in terms of really getting to connect with people and also giving hugs! I think however that many people don't really know the skills of active listening and just think that it means listening carefully. I would suggest that they look into reflecting and asking open questions as two starting points.

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Relationship Skills in Social Work | SAGE Publications Ltd

Follow us! This book considers the place of relationships in current practice and explores the ways in which social workers can use relationship skills to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients. The book also offers a unique discussion of the social worker's relationship with him or herself, arguing that self-awareness is as essential to good practice as an emotional understanding of the other. In doing so, the book promotes a new model for relationship-based social work, which emphasises the importance of both the inter- and intrapersonal.

Opening with an introduction to the theoretical bases of the relationship-based model, the book then focuses on their direct application to social work practice. Key topics include:.

Using reflective exercises and case studies, the book encourages students to relate the tools they have learnt to practice scenarios from the real world, and is essential reading for all qualifying social work students. It is full of wisdom, humanity, and commonsense.

The book is rich with examples and exercises. You know that you are in the hands of an expert whose skill, experience and understanding shine and reassure on every page.

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This is a book that fills a gap in terms of a re-focus on relationship-based social work. I have found it accessible and a good resource for third year social work students. This is a well written book which is easy accessible to students at all levels. The emphasis on "self" as a tool for practice is wonderful to see.

Relationship Skills in Social Work

It links with theory opens up the opportunity for students to gain a clear understanding of relationship based social work. A really good read for Yr 1 students that will support student development into Yr 2 and Yr 3 practice placements. A person centred book making real links between theory and practice. This book has a good balance of focus on both client work and practitioner self awareness. A helpful resource for practitioners. A lovely accessible book examining the importance of the self in relationships with service users.

Excellent as a teaching tool in large group teaching but also vital in individual learning. An easy read, very informative and interesting. This is an excellent book that provides a good deal of insight into the developing relationship skills in social work. I liked the fact that it used simple and easy to follow concepts. A good book to refer to in our skills lab programme. Is also of value in the teaching of Lifespan Development.

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